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Pooh’s Grand Adventure The Search for Christopher Robin Hindi Dubbed Movies Download [HD]

Pooh six, the story begins on the last day of summer. Christopher Robin is unable to tell some tragic news to his friend, Winnie-the-Pooh, and leaves him with advice, "You are brave by faith, and stronger than you are, and smarter than you are, "But Pooh does not understand clearly. The next morning, Pooh discovered a honey vessel with an attached note- however, he could not read it after receiving honey. He goes to his friends Piglet, Tigger, Rabbit and Eure, but none of them is able to read the notes, so they ask the owls for help. With his romantic imagery of the wrong interpretation and courage of the note, Owl admitted that Christopher Robin has been taken against his will to a distant, mysterious and dangerous place called "Khopdi", where the cave "Skullasaurus" is monstrous. Owl fits the group with the map and sends them into the "great unknown" of 100 acres of wood.

During his journey through the great unknown, as he appears by Skullasaurus, the group gradually begins to realize that he is helpless without Christopher Robin in the outer world. Piglet, Tigger and rabbit believe that they do not have courage, strength or intelligence, respectively; Piglet is abducted by a herd of butterflies in a quiet area, so that she is feeling scared and helpless, the tiger falls into a deep valley and does not bounce for safety, due to which her friend Fall with him, and the rabbit constantly leads a poor lead after the wrong map of the owl. Pooh Christopher Robin tried to console him with advising him, but what he said failed because of his inability to remember. When the rabbit finally breaks down, accepting that he does not know where they are going, the group comes with the fact that they are lost without helper Christopher Robin and helpless, and take refuge in the nearby cave. While everyone is asleep, Paul is not close to finding Christopher Robin.

The next morning, five friends realized that they spent the night in the skull cave. The group enters and divides to discover Robin, and although rabbits, tigers, pure and piglets are eventually united, they are afraid of the distorted image of the Pooh because they follow them behind the crystal wall, She forgets for the schoolmaster. Pooh slides down and gets stuck in a small gap in the crystal of the cave, and four others get "scalp eye" where Christopher Robin is considered. Pooh believes to be eaten alive by the Skullasaurus, they wake up before their fear and suspicion and make their way to the scalp's eyes. Upon seeing the bravery of his friends, Pooh frees himself from the crevasse, to stir himself with a rock and trap him in a deep pit, where he is unable to get out. At the same time, he feels that Christopher Robin is still with him in his heart, even if he is not together, as Christopher promised. After the piglet, the rabbit, the tiger and the Eure enter the eye, they are found by Christopher Robin who is also searching for him. He disclosed that he was only in school, and he is suffering from the screams of SchoolSource, in fact, Pooh is the tilt of the stomach.

Christopher Robin saved Pitt from the pit, coming out of the six cave, to find only that from the outside, this and all the other places on the map were not nearly as large, nor were they scary. They return home, and on that evening, Christopher Robin says that he will return to school the next day. Pooh announced that he is always waiting for him, and both are happy to see the sunset, knowing that they will always be in a hundred acres of the wood sanctuary near each other...

Pooh’s Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin In Hindi Movies Download/Watch Online

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Name : The Search for Christopher Robin

Status : Complete

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Language : Hindi

Release Name : 1997

Size : 700MB

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