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The Secret Life of Pets Hindi Dubbed Movies Download [HD]

Max named Max Russell Terrier lives in a Manhattan apartment with his boss Katie. While he is at work during the day, he hangs with other pets in the building: Tabby Cat Chloe, Pug Mail, Dachshund Buddy, and Budgegir Sweet Pea. One day, Katie adopted a big Mungal Duke from the pound, which left Max jealous because of his split focus on the Duke. Angered by his attitude towards Max, Duke tries to leave Max in a street, but both the Spinx cat is attacked by ozone-headed cats, which removes the collar of both dogs and gets caught by animal control. is. Duke feared that if he goes back to the pound he will be killed. When Grijzette, a white Pomeranian who secretly (not) secretly in love with Max, discovers that she is missing, she decides to find her.

Max and Duke are rescued by a white rabbit named Snowball, the leader of "The Flush Pets" - a gang of sewer-resident animals who hate humans because their owners abused them. While pretending to despise humans after Max and Duke, he said that he killed his bosses, flush pets invite him to join. Snowball learns from cats that Max and Duke are pets before they can prove their loyalty to cutting a winged wiper. Both dogs avoid the sewer and boards a boat for Brooklyn, who inadvertently kill the wiper in the process. Snowball promises to kill them and after them, the flush leads to pets.

In the meantime, Gizet recruits a Red-tailed Hawk named Tiberius to find Max, but he accidentally detects ozone, which makes Gazette compelled to tell what he knows about dogs. Then they list Mail, Buddy, Cloe, Guinea Pig Norman and Sweet Pea. By the way, they meet Pops, an old basset hound which helps Gadget and pet find Max. Meanwhile, Max and Duke attacked a sausage factory for food. Then, Gijet and his team face snowballs, which promise to kill them, and Norman is caught like the rest of the Gidget team.

Meanwhile, Duke tells Max about his previous owner Fred, an elderly man, who adopted him as a puppy and liked spending time with him. One day, following the pursuit of a butterfly, Duke was lost and caught by animal control, but Fred never claimed his name. Max convinced him to go to Fred's house in the nearby neighborhood, believing that Fred will still love him and take him back. When he arrived at Fred's house, he learns from the resident cat Reginald that Fred has died. Heartbroken, Duke accused Max of trying to get rid of them and barked on those new landlords who returned home and called animal control. Handler grabs Max, but Duke interferes long to avoid Max and is captured instead.

While trying to save the Duke, he follows animal control van, Max is attacked by a snowball, who tries to kill him. However, when his gang is captured, Snowball realizes that he and Max should work together to save them. They run a city bus in the van on Brooklyn Bridge, stop the traffic. Flush pet surrounds Max, is unaware of its partnership with Snowball, but Gizet and his team protect them. Using Gadget's own Kung-Phoo war skills, Max starts falling in love with her. The van gets stuck in the loft and flush pets run away. As soon as Max gets the keys to the Duke cage, the van falls inside him in the eastern river. Max is unable to free Duke, so snowball jumps into the river to retrieve keys, allowing him to avoid the drowning van.

The whole group returns to the apartment block by a pig-driven taxi. Max expresses her love for Grijzet, who gives her affection. Snowball and flush pets then come up with a new plan to eliminate all humans, but a little girl named Molly comes and adopts snowballs and the remaining flush pets return to the sewer. First of all, snowball resistance, but gives and makes himself pet. Other pets return to their homes and embrace their bosses, and Max and Duke finally together with Katie to raise a true friendship. In the film's novel, Buddy and Mel Poodle appear in a party at Leonard's apartment. Leonard's owner returns and tattoos crash on the floor at Chandelier.

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Name : The Secret Life of Pets

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Language : Hindi

Release Name : 2016

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