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The Wild Thornberrys Movie Hindi Dubbed Movies Download [HD]

12-year-old Elisa Thornberry plays with the family of East African Cheetah in Kenya in East Africa after her mother Akla is in charge of the cubs. When Elijah goes away from the cheetah's house, one of the cheetah cubs, the tally is abducted by predators. Elijah is determined to save the cube, who inspires her grandmother to bring Cordelia to boarding school for her safety in London. Upon arrival, Elijah found out that his pet eastern chimpanzee, Darwin, threw his suitcase. He tries to mix, but he and Elisa both get in trouble.

After seeing a dream in which Shaman Manimbo asked him to save the tally, Elijah and Darwin returned to Africa. While taking a train from Nairobi, they face an injured male eastern black corridor, who was shot by the same predators who had kidnapped Tally on the river. They save the Gando with the help of veterinarians Bree and Sloan Blackburn. In the meantime, Elijah's elder sister Debbie was left alone in her RV, Comvi with her younger adoptive little brother Doni, while her parents, Nigel and Marian used to go to a solar eclipse in Tempo Valley. Comfy returns to Elijah's supply; After a small confrontation, Debbie chases Darwin and Doni. Cordelia and her husband, Colonel Radcliffe, meet with Nigel and Marian to inform Elijah about the escape, and they also start looking for Eliza.

Darwin, Elijah and Doni meet a mountain gorilla, who try to fencing people in Tempo Valley. Then, they run away in Blackburn. Elijah concludes that the predators are targeting African elephant herds through the valley. Later, the trio found Tale in Blackburn RV, who used to expose their true nature as predators. Blackburn captures them and reveals the fence electrified. In the meantime, Debi meets a local Mbuti boy named Boko, who is sent by the elderly of his village to help him. Both reach Blackburn's RV, but Deli is made hostage by Sloan when she tells that she is Elijah's sister. When Sloan threatens to kill Debbie, Elijah believes it was due to her ability to talk to animals, if Elijah does not tell her how she got her plan. A storm comes and Blackburn takes away Elijah's powers during the escape.

They reach the tempo valley in time to see the African elephant swarm title for electric fence. When Elisa herself becomes suspicious, Debbie reminds her that she is helping animals before recovering her powers, restoring her self-confidence. Blackburn, who runs a helicopter, orders his men to stop the explosives, scare away the elephants and charge them toward the fence. Eliza triggers the power of the fence from time to time, the herd stops temporarily and then convinces the lead to rotate the elephant. Troubled, Sloan grabs Elijah and throws him into the river. After that, he tries to shoot elephants, but they pull out the Blackburn helicopter from the windpipe with their rope stairs and destroy it, causing them to fall further. They avoid the fall but are arrested by the Rangers immediately after the eclipse ends. Elijah Shaman is saved by Manimbo, who tells him that he saved elephants using his heart instead of his powers. As a reward, he gives it back to his powers.

Elijah meets her family again, who decides not to send her back to boarding school, while Boko returns to her village, keeping Debbie's watch in the form of memory. Thornberry comes back to Savanna, where Elisa reconnects to her family with Talley. Debbie gets annoyed when Elijah tells her that if she reveals her secret, she will turn into a bun, and in this process, the olive balloons are filmed shooting Nigel and Marian's group. One of them activates the radio, which plays music that Thornberry and babun dance.

The Wild Thornberrys Movie In Hindi Movies Download/Watch Online

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Release Name : 2002

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