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Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Predacons Rising Hindi Dubbed Movies Download [HD]

Shortly after the demise of Megatron and the release of Cybertron, Autobots celebrates Optimus Prime, promotes Bumblebill in the warrior class. Festivals come to an end, however, when Optimus sits on a journey to discover the source of new life on Cybertron Old church and takes wheeljack to find it so that new transformers can come. Ultra Magnus has been charged in the absence of a prime to explore missing Shockwave and Starscream with other Autobots.

Meanwhile, at the bottom of the ocean, on the earth, the consciousness of Megatron is rekindled by Unicron, who tries to destroy the very core of Cybertron, its Arch-enemy Primus, and the body of Megatron Need to do Before moving towards Unicron Cybertron, improves the free mezzatron husk in a perfect body with new upgrades. In the meantime, Ultra Magnus and Smokin continue the search for fugacious Decepticons in the ocean of rust but are soon attacked by Predacons Skyline and Darkstell. After the brutal fight, Magnus has been severely damaged and the smoker is hardly able to save his life and make it through an emergency space bridge. The disadvantage is so important that Autobots are forced to call Earth from Racquet to help, while Autobots understands that there should be compositions of two new Predacons shockwave. Meanwhile, Shockwave and Starscream have been exposed to resume "Project: Predaccon" and plans to build an army with Skylinks and Darkstell with their first compositions.

Set to find answers, Bumblebee Sproscrines, Bulkhead and Arcy inspire to track the printing, who has taken refuge with hundreds of ancient Predakan bone sites and sought their help to find two new brothers. However, Practice denied did not forgive Autobots to destroy his brothers on Earth. After asking Captain Knock Out for any idea to find Bumblebee, Fugitives, he takes the ogobots to Megatron's old fort Darkmount, which is located in the Danseptic capital, which is called Canon to find the answer, but Soon they are faced with Unicron in the body of Megatron. Autobots believe that Unicon returned Megatron before repairing them. Unicron fights with Autobots, which are unmatched and are forced at lower levels where bulkheads, arsy and smokescreen come in almost a sulfur pit. However, the time purchased by Bumblebill allows Autobots to avoid Ground bridge portal. Unicron, in his weak form of anger with his failure, decides that he needs a big weapon.

Meanwhile, in the Live Scorpio asteroid belt, the Optimus and Wheelzac arrive in the ship of Ultra Magnus, where Molycorp - which is the pure energy stored in the container of Alpha Trian - it is an insult. Optimus exits to find it, but soon the plasma is troubled by the storm. Despite the urgency to follow wheeljack, Optimus is going and eventually retrieves it, though their ship has been damaged by the asteroid, and they have set up Cybertron's course. In the meantime, Autobots attempt to contact Optimus from the pre-Decepticon flagship slavery, but the asteroid damage destroyed their transmitter, which made contact only one way. Optimus is not available and Ultra Magnus has been injured in the operation, believes the temporary leadership of Bumblebee Autobots.

Elsewhere, the motivator starts investigating and finds the area where two Pradacans fought with Magnus and Smashcrine, it felt that the Autobots were telling the truth and they were starting to discover Skyline and Darkstell, but found by Unicron is. Megatron, who wants to take back his body, tries to talk to Unicron about him, which prevents him from betraying with a motivator. Pikraking, believing to have Unicron on Megatron, immediately attacks him, but Unicron changes the table and soon he can read his mind and kill him before finding a bone yard. Unicron then keeps Megatron under eternal pain for its deception. Meanwhile, Shockwave, Dark style, Skyline, and Starscream get the Predacons Bone Yard but are soon confronted with Unicron, which they believe Megatron is when he explains that he is once again who he is. Dark style and Scilinx charge for the conflict in Unicron, but they easily defeat them. Unicron again uses the power of Dark Server to revive Prakan in the dead terrorism. Before they attack Shockwave, they are afraid of the stars, who stop them before they are in power. In the meantime, Autobots detect the signals of Megatron through Unicron and also detect terrace, which are leading the welds all sparks, which is the most direct route to Primus.

Bambai decided to lead a counterstrike with bulkhead, smoking and arse at Nemesis, while Ratchet returned to Kaun with Ultra Magnus. However, the Starscream swirls on the ship, and Knock Out and some captive vehicles free the soldiers and try to withdraw the ship, it intends to use it to escape from Cybertron. Since bulkheads and army vehicles kill vehicles, the Starscream is going to neutralize the Bombay using the immobilizer, is only fraud and irresponsible, which has been dismissed by knockout, which once again tries to get into the Autobot And this time it is accepted. Meanwhile, Padding comes in the bone yard where she meets Skyline and Darkstyle, who reveals that the remains of their falling brothers are resurrected by Unicron. Inclination gives the order to help them recover the remains, but they refused, resulting in a fight with the motivator as the winner. After a lot of time, confused by cruelty and unhappy shockwaves come and suggest that they help the Autobots instead, which then go to the unknown parts.

After this, Optimus told Autobots that he had vacated Alscorp within the matrix, but now they can not be isolated separately, so they need to abandon themselves to restore Cybertron completely. Autobots try to distract him, but Optimus says the matrix can not be restored, and that the age of prime is over, but every Autobot recognizes - even knockout - Watch Autobots as Prime in your own right before landing in the core. Since the Optimus falls in Primus, millions of unknown dead transformers come out of spark valleys, including prime sparks. In the last moments of the film, the last word of Optimus is a mirror, because he says that his sacrifice will mark a new beginning rather than the end of anything - "just make another change".

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